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I am a Paranormal Investigator in my "free time". Such a funny term. As anyone in this field knows we do not have much. I pursue,  at great lengths,  all aspects of the unknown. I work with a large network of professionals accross the U.S. to find answers to reported cases of the paranomal and supernatural. 
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I, in the pursuit of the knowledge, will never stop trying to learn more about the paranormal, supernatural, metaphysical and most of all myself. I am NOT an expert .

September 11, 2017


A Husband & Wife Professional Team located in Phoenix Arizona aimed at discovering the truths about spirits, entities, and life after death.  Tony & Cherie Rathman  lead professionally operated Paranormal Investigators into some of the darkest corners Arizona and just about anywhere we travel. Our mission is to seek truth, understanding, & proof of the paranormal. We are a couple who works together for the purpose of understanding paranormal phenomena and adding to a common base of knowledge in the community whenever possible. Investigating, documenting, and educating on paranormal activity is our main focus, and to share those understandings and developments with all that want to listen..
Above all else, we strive to communicate with respect and empathy to all beings with whom we come in contact. We welcome opportunities to provide education about the paranormal and to decrease fears about the unknown.
Our specialty lies in spirit communication whether this be through EVP or ITC communication but seems to resonate well for both of us have captured some amazing “Entity voices” along our years of investigation and research.  We focus on the state of Arizona have traveled the state investigating many historical and privately owned places with claims of paranormal activity.  Over the years we have now branched outside of the state always looking for new opportunities to research or help those in need.  Over the years of gathering paranormal activity EVPI began to share the things we have collected and captured with the public on our Facebook site  our Website  our youtube channel at about 2 and half years ago as we wanted the public to be aware of truly exists in the paranormal world on a daily basis.
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